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Our Story

Empact Change Consulting is a woman-owned, change-focused consulting and coaching firm based in St. Paul, MN.

At Empact, we are people-focused and outcome-oriented in our approach. We equip and empower our clients with the mindsets, tools, and solutions they need to be change leaders of integrity, compassion, and action.

Our clients come to us from retail, tech, health care, government, financial services, health/wellness, and beyond.

Supporting the people side of change is no longer a nice-to-have. It is critical to the employee experience and the lasting success of change initiatives. Change brings opportunity, and at Empact, we welcome that opportunity to learn and grow alongside our clients on their change journey, one step forward at a time.

Kristina Ralston


Kristina’s “why” is empowering the people side of change. She is a Prosci-certified change practitioner and certified coach practitioner, with demonstrated experience in large-scale, transformational, high-impact change initiatives. Kristina is a collaborative, dynamic, and optimistic thought leader and influencer, passionate about thoughtful and intentional change leadership. She is skilled in building meaningful relationships with senior leaders, people managers, and employees at all levels to build trust, create awareness, and understand the impacts of change as all navigate their change curve from current to desired future state. 

She is curious by nature and a darn good listener, who loves to connect the dots, explore themes, and identify ways strategy, vision, and theory can translate into practical application. Kristina embraces and lives out a growth mindset in all aspects of her life, opting to “dance in the discomfort” of change and ambiguity with a mixture of patience, persistence, and positivity. 

Outside of all things change-related, Kristina is a mother of two amazing kiddos, loves to cook and bake for her loved ones, and spends as much time as possible hiking or cross-country skiing on trails in Minnesota state parks, paddleboarding on one of the over 10,000 lakes in Minnesota (see a theme?), or sampling patio offerings on the solid food scene of the Twin Cities. Her latest adventure involves a pop-up camper and a return to her roots of road-tripping, indulging her love of travel, exploring new places, and “hitting the road.”