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At Empact, we co-create change strategy, tailored to the unique needs of our clients. We engage in activities such as impact analysis, stakeholder assessments, change maturity mapping, and communication strategy and planning to best understand the depth and breadth required for our clients in our recommendations and approach. We also provide change coaching to employees at all levels, focusing on culture, communication, and change impact as they navigate, grow, and lead through change. 

At Empact, our change solutions are tailored to the stated outcomes and desired results of our clients. We consider both industry best practices and the unique cultural considerations of each group we work with. The output of the discovery phase is a change-focused blueprint (the “what”) and roadmap (the “how), designed for focused, aligned, and outcome-oriented results. 

We keep an eye towards flexibility and adaptability in our approach, as change is a growth-oriented process. It needs space to incorporate lessons learned along the way, with a mindset centered on positivity, patience, and persistence! 

Change strategy:

identify and map out the scope of a change initiative, including critical inputs/outputs and changes/impact to people, process, and technology.

Change coaching:

  coaching focused on critical change topics such as change readiness/resistance, trust, creating awareness, and understanding impact of change.

Change maturity mapping:

determine and define the groups impacted by change, the scale of change impact, and level of change readiness.


determine key messages, impacted audiences, appropriate channels, and planful check-ins and follow-up throughout the change.

Metrics/data analysis:

determine value-add metrics to demonstrate effectiveness and opportunities for continuous improvement.

Skill-building and intentional knowledge transfer:

build change capability and resiliency via tools, programs, and coaching opportunities. To be able to say confidently, this is how we “do” change here!